Mage's Moderator application

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Mage's Moderator application

Post  Mage on Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:25 pm

--Moderator Application--

Hello, I'd like to apply for Game Moderator/Forum Moderator, maybe later for Administrator aswell.

My Ingame name is Mage.

I've been playing runescape and private servers for over 5 years.
I've also been admin/moderator in many servers as Slashscape, Massacred World, Revolution 2010, Pvp Planet and more.

Currently I'm affiliated with only this server, because servers where I've played have gone offline.
Most players want to be a Mod to have power and free items while I only want to become a Mod so I am able to help out players who have problems with anything and to help out all the new players by telling them what they can and cannot..

I'm very friendly and I avoid arguments and try to make friends with all fellow players. I give my best to help anyone in need, I'll spend from 1 minute-an hour trying to help some people, and I'll always resolve their problems.

I'm very mature about all the situations, I judge fairly, even if it were against a friend, it would hurt me to do this, but otherwise, problems will go unsolved. I would never cause un-explainable bans/mutes. It's the last thing on my mind. If anything, I would try and stop it.

I am also extremely active on the server, I'm usually on everyday.
I am active on the forum, keeping people occupied when the server is offline.
I will also vote as much as I can.
I would also donate my 2 rs users, as I don't have paypal.

A little story how I found this server:
As I was bored, I looked moparscape servers, I looked for servers wich were recently added. As I saw that Tijs is owner I thought that he is one person from another rsps. I downloaded the client and it was really fascinating. Owner Tijs was kind and helped me kill KBD. I'd also like to make server more fun to everyone and make them glad.

Thank You for your patience, Mage

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Re: Mage's Moderator application

Post  admin on Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:36 am


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