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Post  ole8ros1 on Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:04 am

Location-L.A/United States
5 Words To Describe Myself-Helpful

I Have a lot of experience of being Staff/Been playing Rsps for 4 almost 5 years.
I can Help everyone.
I'm mature.
Never abuse powers.
I can Solve problems.
Respect other staff and players.
Want players to have the best of fun they can.
I Play Around 3-4 hours a day so im a trust worth person to help keep the server running smoothly and have very few conflicts.
I want to work for the owners and higher ranks to make their job easier to make the community safe,fun,and all around great!
Good at handling problems and will help players as much as i can and will advertise the server to my greatest amount.
Im not the person who will abuse powers and make the players unhappy.
i listen and respect the owner and all player of the server.
I want to be a mod mainly because i love helping people and to play games and im good at solving problems and helping people

I hope u choose wisely with your staff positions and i promise not to let u down if im picked!


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